The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: “The example of the believer is like the    example of the date palm (tree); whatever you take from it, is to your benefit.”


From this hadith a school is born...

Palm Grove Academy was founded to meet the growing needs of the Muslim youth in Ocala, Florida. Our children come from a number of diverse backgrounds but all are seeking a safe and inspiring place to learn and grow as young Muslims.

A few years ago a group of families decided to establish a weekly halaqa where they could come together to learn about Islam and socialize. Their children's educational backgrounds were extremely varied; homeschooling, public school, and distant commutes to private schools in other areas. However, they all shared the need to find a place of their own where their children could learn and grow as young Muslims. As the bonds between these youth and their families grew the establishment of a full time Islamic school became a natural next step. 

Mission Statement:

Palm Grove Academy will provide a safe, spiritually uplifting, and academically rich environment where students can maximize their potential and grow into successful productive Muslim citizens.

Vision Statement:

Palm Grove Academy will continue striving to provide it’s students with a sense of place, purpose, and guidance in a safe and stimulating Islamic environment. 

Our Core Values:

  • Islamic Integrity: Abiding by the standards of Islam and maintaining Islamic integrity is at the heart of everything we do. 

  • Academic Excellence: Our teachers, students and staff will constantly strive to maintain a rigorous standard of academic excellence as we maximize our potential. 

  • Honesty: We as teachers, students, and staff commit to embracing a high standard of honesty and trustworthiness as an integral part of our commitment to the teachings and character of The Prophet Muhammad (saw).

  • Moral Citizenship: Teachers, students, and staff commit to maintaining a high sense of morality and commitment to our community.

  • Ehsan (God-Consciousness): In every action and decision we make we will strive to stay fully aware that we are ultimately working to please Allah (swt).